The Diva Pressing Iron
The Diva Pressing Iron
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  • Why do I need THE DIVA? It's the first-ever true pressing iron designed to tame the most unruly hair.
  • Why does THE DIVA rock? Exclusive, patent-pending technology includes ThermaGuide™
    Plate System and an advanced ceramic heater that maintains up to 450 °F.
  • What is PRESSING CRÈME? Diva Pressing Crème™ is an ironing lotion that
    nourishes, protects and holds your style.
  • What other features make THE DIVA a must have?
    The Diva features two temperature settings for Relaxed (420 °F)
    and Natural (450 °F) hair |¬†Complimentary 2 oz. Diva Pressing Crème™
    Styling Comb and Silicone Iron Mat Included | Plus the Sultra Standards*
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